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Paper Review Process

IJCER paper review process is completed in the following steps and we gives status of paper Accepted/ Minor Changes Required / Major Changes Required/ Rejected within 5-7 days.

  • Step 1: (Author): Author submits his/her manuscript(artical) to IJCER by sending mail to
  • Step 2: (Editor in Chief) : Editor forwards the paper to appropriate spiciest reviewers related to that subject.
  • Step 3: (Reviewer): Reviewing board checks the article and gives the status of the research paper with following remarks along with plagiarism checking:
    1. Accepted
    2. Minor Changes Required
    3. Major Changes Required
    4. Rejected
    Editor board gives this information to author by mail. If Paper have some minor changes then we inform you by sending comments that at which place changes are required If paper is accepted then editor will also give you paper publication id .
  • Step 4 : (Author) : Author will send scan copy of the copy right form (format can download by the website) by mail to editor.
  • Step 5: (Publisher): Publisher will publish the accepted paper in next coming issue and give the information to author.
  • Step 6 : (Editor in Chief ) : Editor in chief sends the certificate to authors of the reaserch paper.



Easy and effective way to get your article publish.

Fast service

IJCER publishes articles within 3 days as it has a wide team of reviewers.

Publication Fees

Fees is very low. Online publication charges are INR 1000 Rs only.

Expert Team

IJCER has board members from Top Institutes and University.


IJCER provides e-certificates for all publishes articles within 4 hrs.


ISSN : 2250 - 3005 and ISO 3297 standard Serial Numbers.

Google Searchable

All publishes articles are searchable in different search Engine like Google.