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International Journal of Computational Engineering Research





Research Article  open access
An Artificial System for Prognosis Cancer Cells through Blood Cells Images Using Image Processing
Dr (Mr.) Sudhir Kumar Meesala || Miss Sonia Wadhwa
Paper Indexed : : 03.3005/xxxxxxx
International Journal of Computational Engineering Research, Volume 09 ~ Issue 06 (June – 2019)


In present scenario, imaging in act an important role throughout the integrated medical process from indicative and find out about diseases through studies. Considering most of the imaging techniques have gone directly digital, with unceasingly increasing perseverance, these medical image processing has to confront many upcoming challenges from broad data measures. In our paper we describe the process of analysing cancer cell and how image processing is helpful and immensely important in medical science. The paper analyse and discover bacteria under blood cells through its rate of growth of bacteria in blood with the help of object recognition technique of image processing by getting the image through microscope..........

Keywords: Theurgical procedure, Previous medical imaging techniques, Static image processing technique, Object recognition, Pattern recognition, Machine learning.