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International Journal of Computational Engineering Research





Research Article  open access
Assessing Specification Pay Schedules through Monte Carlo Simulation
D Goulias || SKarimi || CSchwartz
United states of America
Paper Indexed : : 03.3005/xxxxxxx
International Journal of Computational Engineering Research, Volume 08 ~ Issue 12 (December – 2018)


Objective of highway agencies is to develop rational and defensible specifications for the acceptance of highway materials and transportation structures. Such specifications are often coupled with a pay schedule that rewards higher and penalizes lower quality levels. This study had as objective the development of a methodology examining the production population characteristics and assessing the effectiveness of pay schedules to award appropriate levels of monetary rewards for desired target quality levels. The proposed approach uses the distribution of production quality to generate alternative lots through Monte Carlo simulation and examine the impact on pay factors (PF). Then, the probability of receiving a certain level of PF is estimated for assessing the rationality of the pay schedule in relation to the achieved quality..............

Keywords: Specifications, risk analysis, pay factors, simulation, asphalt mixtures.