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International Journal of Computational Engineering Research



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1. Html5
2. Maintaining Privacy and Overcoming Duplication Overhead in Cloud Computing
3. Soft Computing Based Harmonic Minimization for Cascade Multilevel Inverter Based On Svpwm Control Strategy
4. A Study on Cloud Computing: A Colossal Discovery for Storage and Delivery Solution in IT Arena
5. Linear Control Theory Based Approach towards the Conversion Technique from a Higher order plus dead time (HOPDT) model into a Lower order plus dead time (LOPDT) model using Compensator
6. Intelligent Road Accidents Avoidance: A Review
7. Multi objective optimization of piston bowl geometry and fuel Injection pressure on CRDI assisted diesel engine using Grey Relation Analysis
8. Android User Level Security
9. Effects of ion-neutral collisions in the propagation of ion-acoustic solitary waves in non-uniform plasmas
10. An efficient Hybrid Algorithm for the Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem using novel Crossover and Ant Colony Optimization
11. On the Hankel Integral Transform with Wright's Generalized Hypergeometric Function and Applications
12. Structural,vibrational spectroscopic investigation and HOMOLUMO Analysis of substituted toluene
13. Hydraulic performance and physical properties of ICBP by partial replacement of cement with GGBS and fine aggregate with M-sand
14. Performance Evaluation of Rule Based Token Mapping Translation System for Indian Sibling Languages Hindi-Gujarati
15. Distributed Data Security Enhancement in Public Cloud Storage and Hosting Using Data bfuscation & Steganography
16. Smart Parking System Implementation using Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing
17. Flexural Strength of GGBS, Metakaolin and Glass Fibers Based High Performance Concrete
18. The Influence of GGBS,Metakaolin and Glass Fibers on Flexural Strength of Concrete Pavement
19. Flexural Strength of Flyash, GGBS and M-Sand Based Concrete Pavement
20. Analytical expressions for arc-length of hyperbola: A hypergeometric approach
21. Relativistic effects on the propagation of ion - acoustic solitons in Inhomogeneous Plasma