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International Journal of Computational Engineering Research (IJCER) May Issue, 2013

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Voice Based Search Engine And Web Page Reader

Ummuhanysifa U , Nizar Banu P K


:This paper aims to develop a search engine which supports Man-Machine interaction purely in the form of voice. A novel Voice based Search Engine and Web-page Reader which allows the users to command and control the web browser through their voice, is introduced. The existing Search Engines get request from the user in the form of text and respond by retrieving the relevant documents from the server and displays in the form of text. Even though the existing web browsers are capable of playing audios and videos, the user has to request by typing some text in the search text box and then the user can play the interested audio/video with the help of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). The proposed Voice based Search Engine aspires to serve the users especially the blind in browsing the Internet. The user can speak with the computer and the computer will respond to the user in the form of voice. The computer will assist the user in reading the documents as well.

Keywords: Web Search Engine, Web Page-Reader, Voice Recognition, Speech Synthesizer, Voice browser
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Mathematical Analysis of Retail Product Rating Using Data Mining Techniques

M. Alexander Muthurengan ,R.Irene Hepzibah


In this paper a new product rating approach for analyzing retail market of same type of products from different manufacturers is proposed. In Asian retail market there is no specific customer rating record. Instead, the retailers provide a feedback about the products based on the sales analysis. By providing minimum threshold hypothesis using Product Rating Retail algorithm (PRR), retailers rating analysis is ranked. Hungarian algorithm is used to provide the mathematical approach to solve the problem. This provides a global pattern from the random database without losing the potentiality of the original database.

Keywords: Data mining can be performed in different kinds of databases and data repositories. The descriptive and productive are the classification of finding pattern through mining data. Through descriptive characterize the general properties of the data. By performing current data to predict some knowledge in predictive method. To find level of abstraction in business world, data mining provide more functionality. Those efficient mining methods address the wholesale business, business trends, business analysis, CRM, ERP, etc. Those functionalities moderately touch the retail business data. In a retail business world, companies/manufacturers want to know about their products sales efficiency and its customer satisfaction. Many companies promoting products to the target different kind of customers. For that many number of products same in nature but from different companies. Sales behaviors of some product are good and some of them are not much up to that level. To analyze the rating and ranking of such products by customer credit ratio the proposed algorithm evaluates loose coupling data mining in a randomized data.
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Developing a Conceptual Relationship between Web Service Supply Chain Entities Using Web Security

Mr.Pankaj Kumar


In this Globalization each and every company offer their business services offline or online due to provide better supply chain system into organisation. As collaborative resulting static entities in the supply chain such as service-oriented architecture and Web Application Development services enable online / dynamic networks of supply chain services (SSCNs) through dynamic collaboration of many people are they formed. Web SSCNs units are interdependent and the profitability of a company affects the performance of other companies as well as the overall performance of network services. It is important to study the relationship between function and Web SSCNs each entity. After the relationship is recognized, it will contribute to the development of performance indicators of the supply of services, taking into account the interests of service providers and customers. We take a sample scenario on the supply chains of these online services are based to the feasibility of the solution based approach to the views of suppliers and customers. The conclusions show is about what kind of security parameters dominant and options of the service provider affect online service quality service. Security of a Web service describes performance and other quantitative aspects of a Web service.

Keywords: Supply chains, Web Service, Web Security, QoS,
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Using Linked Data to Annotate And Search Research Articles For Supporting Research Community

Dr. R.RajaRence , Dr.T.Nalini


Multimedia educational resources play an important role in reasearch, particularly for distance learning environments. With the rapid growth of the multimedia web, large numbers of research articles video resources are increasingly being created by several different organizations. It is crucial to explore, share, reuse, and link these educational resources for better e-learning experiences. Most of the video resources are currently annotated in an isolated way, which means that they lack semantic connections. Thus, providing the facilities for annotating these video resources is highly demanded. These facilities create the semantic connections among video resources and allow their metadata to be understood globally. Adopting Linked Data technology, this paper introduces a video annotation and browser platform with two online tools: Annomation and SugarTube. Annomation enables users to semantically annotate video resources using vocabularies defined in the Linked Data cloud. SugarTube allows users to browse semantically linked educational video resources with enhanced web information from different online resources. In the prototype development, the platform uses existing video resources for research articles. The result of the initial development demonstrates the benefits of applying Linked Data technology in the aspects of reusability, scalability, and extensibility.

Key words: Video resources, explore, share, reuse, linked data, semantic search, web services.
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Releasing The Search Details Of User's Secured Information

R. Ramesh , Dr. T.Nalini


Search engine companies collect the database information and histories of the users from search queries. These search information are useful for the researchers. Search engine companies are publishing different search information in order not to release sensitive information of the users. In this paper, I analyze algorithms for publishing relevant keywords, queries, and clicks of search information. I have to show how methods that achieve difference of k-anonymity are vulnerable to active attacks. I then demonstrate that the stronger guarantee ensured by e-differential secured unfortunately does not provide any utility for this issue. I then implement an algorithm and show how to set its parameters to achieve probabilistic privacy. My paper concludes with a detailed study using real applications where the algorithm and previous work that achieves k-anonymity in search details releasing. My results show that the algorithm gives comparable utility to k-anonymity while at the same time achieving much stronger secured details.

Keywords: Security, protection, db management, web search, information storage and retrieval, IT and systems
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Social Network Analytics Data Mining Applied To Twitter Posts

Prasad V. , Dr. T. Nalini


The social media has grown significantly in recent years. With the growth in its use, there has also been a substantial growth in the amount of information generated by users of social media. Insurers are making significant investments in social media, but many are not systematically analyzing the valuable information that is resulting from their investments. This paper discusses the application of correlation, clustering, and association analyses to social media. This is demonstrated by analyzing insurance Twitter posts. The results of these analyses help identify keywords and concepts in the social media data, and can facilitate the application of this information by insurers. As insurers analyze this information and apply the results of the analysis in relevant areas, they will be able to proactively address potential market and customer issues more effectively.
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Concerning Data Mining Technique In Selection Of Attributes To Estimate Effort And Cost

K.Gayathiri , Dr. T. Nalini ,


Software Cost Estimation can be described as the process of predicting the most realistic effort required to complete a software project. Due to the strong relationship of accurate effort estimations with many crucial project management activities, the research community has been focused on the development and application of a vast variety of methods and models trying to improve the estimation procedure. The rapidly increased need of large-scaled and complex software systems leads managers to settle SEE (software effort estimation) as one of the most vital activities that is closely related with the success or failure of the whole development process. Data mining tool is used for selecting a subset of highly predictive attributes such as project size, development, and environment related attributes, typically a significant increase in estimation accuracy can be obtained.

Keywords: Regression, Effort estimation, CART, COCOMO, RiR, OLS, LOOCV, CBR
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Literature Survey of the Need in E-Learning for Differently Abled Learner by Conversion of Images to Sound

Dr. T. Nalini , Dr. V. Khana ,Ms. R. Senthamarai


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Acl Compressor



An access control list (ACL) provides security for a private network by controlling the flow of incoming and outgoing packets. Specifically, a network policy is created in the form of a sequence of (possibly conflicting) rules. Each packet is compared against this ACL, and the first rule that the packet matches defines the decision for that packet. The size of ACLs has been increasing rapidly due to the explosive growth of Internet-based applications and malicious attacks. This increase in size degrades network performance and increases management complexity. In this paper, we propose ACL Compressor, a framework that can significantly reduce the number of rules in an access control list while maintaining the same semantics. We make three major contributions. First, we propose an optimal solution using dynamic programming techniques for compressing one- dimensional range based access control lists. Second, we present a systematic approach for compressing multi-dimensional access control lists. Last, we conducted extensive experiments to evaluate ACL Compressor. In terms of effectiveness, ACL Compressor achieves an average compression ratio of 50.22% on real-life rule sets. In terms of efficiency, ACL runs in seconds, even for large ACLs with thousands of rules.

Keywords – Access Control List, Packet Classification, Fire- wall, Algorithm.
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Secure Web-Based Image Transmission System Using Digital Watermark

K.Karthik , Dr M.A.Dorai Rangaswamy


A web-based image transmission system using digital watermark is presented with experimental results in this paper. This system assures when pirated image is found, the illegal user can be traced. The user's message after chaotic encryption as watermark embeds into image. Experimental results show our system which is used for a web-based image transmission is effective and robust. Especially, user's message can also be extracted from watermark image under diverse attacks such as some image-processing operations and JPEG compression.

Keywords – digital watermark; chaotic sequence; image transmission; robust
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City Guide

Shrishti ,Swarnim Prabhat , Dr.M.A.Dorairangaswamy


The prime objective of "City Guide" is to create a full fledged Android application. This application will guide the user for facilities such as metro rail, hospitals and hotels for some of the major cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. The application allows the user to find the trains between the source and destination along with the timings and stoppages. It gives the route and intermediate station. This application also facilitates the user to find out the major hotels and hospitals in nearby areas within the major cities. The application allows the user to share the information by email or SMS.

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